Kelli Coelho
OASCA President

The Oregon Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (OASCA) is the primary advocate for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) in Oregon. Our association not only educates Oregon’s Congressional leadership about the benefits offered to patients, but also the large economic footprint left on the local healthcare community. OASCA ensures that its members, made up of administrators, clinical staff, and business office staff, are kept up-to-date on important and relevant topics that affect the way business is done on a day-to-day basis. These areas include advocacy, education, networking, and media relations.


OASCA’s core beliefs concentrate around the statement that, “Our Patients Come First.” Through innovative discussion and interaction between members, we are able to guide membership to continued growth and success. As the primary resource for information regarding ASCs in the state of Oregon, we work to provide members with necessary support for addressing operational and strategic concerns, educational opportunities, and political advocacy at the state and national levels.


It is common knowledge within our industry that ASCs provide quality care with low infection rates and high patient-satisfaction. Lack of public education is one of the hurdles that we consistently have to overcome. As an association, we strive to collect important data throughout the year that helps us advocate to our community and our legislative leaders. We work on a daily basis with our legal and lobbying teams to assure our members their representatives are presented with relevant supporting information. OASCA helps them understand the high-quality care and personal focus ASCs provide to patients and their families. OASCA encourages our physicians to take a leadership role in helping navigate what we focus our attention on in local and national politics.


OASCA serves as a network for communication among members, a think tank for ideas, and a hub for creative collaboration. Transparency is key for demonstrating the collective strengths of ASCs in Oregon, and we encourage all industry participants to take advantage of their political voice with an active role in the evolution and growing influence of ASCs. In a field as dynamic as medicine, awareness of relevant legislative issues and the power to affect change are critical, making it our mission at OASCA to work with you in getting your message delivered effectively.


We look forward to undertaking your political needs and keeping you informed as a part of Oregon’s strong ASC community.

Chris D. Skagen, JD
OASCA Executive Director

According to an old expression, “there is strength in numbers.” This message has meaning and it directly applies to the Oregon Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (OASCA). Doctors, administrators, nurses and patients are coming together to support ambulatory surgery centers here in Oregon. We are statewide in scope and offer a variety of services to strengthen the ability of surgery centers to offer the highest level of healthcare to the people of Oregon. OASCA’s theme is “Our Patients Come First.”

Each and every day, our ASCs dedicate themselves to this mission. Our web site has been developed to keep you up-to-date about the industry as a whole and to give you tools to improve the management of your individual practice. We invite you to join CASCA today. We are working with all our members to become more patient oriented, cost efficient and outcome-focused. You will find that our organization is being led by people who believe in collaboration and dialogue. We want to hear from you; your support and feedback are crucial to our success.

Chris D. Skagen, JD MELP
OASCA Executive Director